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Hotels in Brussels - Terrific places to stay in

Hotels in Brussels - Terrific places to stay in

21/11/2011 - Hotelletjes in Parijs

Een goede tip voor wie op zoek is naar aanbiedingen en promoties voor hotels in Parijs: kijk eens rond op, die hebben meer dan 10.000 hotels wereldwijd en kunt rechtstreeks in het hotel boeken (betalen ter plaatse) zonder reserveringskosten te betalen!
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9/7/2009 - Fascinating stay in a hotel in Deventer, the Netherlands!

The city of hotel in Deventer has a rich and ancient past, a past that had many highlights in the field of war and peace, trade and industry, arts and culture. Already in the eighth century there are already people living on the site of Deventer hotels is. The dunes along the river IJssel settled hunters, fishermen, farmers and pastoralists. Later resurrected as the Bergkwartier and the North Bergkwartier, one of the oldest districts of the city heard.

Many Deventer hotel attract lots of tourists each year to this magnificent city!If actual founder of the city, the English evangelist Lebuïnus be considered. He put in the year 768 in what is now called Wilp, the IJssel and built one of the river dunes a wooden church. The Great or Lebuïnus Church, the largest monument of Overijssel, the name of the sacrosanct Lebuïnus later. Deventer was in the Middle Ages flourished. After 1400 hotel in Deventer centrum revealed itself as a prominent member of the Hanseatic League, a powerful European trade with 150 cities. They claimed a lively trade in more wood, wool, metal, Iaken, salt, wine and beer.After that flourished in the Middle Ages, the population of the Hanseatic town Hotel Deventer years virtually unchanged until the turn of the century with the industrial revolution also Deventer commitment was up in the sea of people.

All these activities attracted a large number of new residents in the old fortress a good living and work were. They came from all parts of the country. After the war, the boundaries even further away and showed the city as a magnet to many people from elsewhere in Europe and beyond. As a result, hotels in Deventer centre today not only a beautiful and well-preserved historic old town, but also a lot of colored people.Density is measured in monuments IJssel this city to the summit. The last thirty years there has been terribly hard on the restoration work, so almost all the monuments under hands taken. It is a bustling city. Anyway, street pattern, mercantile houses, warehouses, defenses and walls breathe history from. I'll definitely go back to that mooi Deventer hotel!
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4/6/2009 - Staying in a hotel in De Haan-Wenduine

Never stayed in a hotel in De Haan-Wenduine? Definitely do again! Haan is the Belle Epoque. The typical Anglo-Norman architecture with red roofs, balconies and ornate facades, provides not only views but also the characteristic atmosphere of the center. Staying in a hotel in De Haan-Wenduine is therefore a significant dive in history. In particular, the Belle Epoque district and the tram station, the exclusive pearls of this architecture. Also you can find in this beautiful seaside resort of many natural back.

Over 157 hectares of dune forest connects with Wenduine De Haan, a coastal town that exudes the same calm as De Haan. In a hotel De Haan-Wenduine so you're assured of a lot of peace and conviviality.Call The Haan reassure 'picturesque'. Because that is also for those who fronts the picturesque view of the cottage homes or the coastal tram stop at the "Belle Epoque' tram house. Not so high that you will be opposed to (almost) all other towns on the Belgian Coast not find during your holiday at sea in an hotel De Haan. However, a significant piece of nostalgia along the winding roads of De Haan.

Trammelant or during the annual festival, on the first Saturday of August, when everyone in belle-époque-uitdost costume. Coincidentally I stayed in a Hotel De Haan-Wenduine when this was taking place, I was not prepared, so this made it more fun.The nearby Wenduine is a quiet seaside resort on families aims.

The hotels De Haan-Wenduine are there for those who want to run even family. What in the 13th century began as a small fishing village is looking the years since 1900 has become a tourist resort. Silent witnesses are the church of St. Hubert and the Exaltation of the Cros Mill. Hotels in De Haan-Wenduine: an absolute must!
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13/5/2009 - From Brussels to a hotel in De Panne

Who chooses to stay at a hotel in De Panne gets a lot of stunning scenery and a wide beach where giant walking, beach sports and active outdoor life throughout the day at issue. Northern France is not that far away, see you back in the famous Dumont District, where the cottage style, the French 'bon vivant' on Flemish is completed. My last hotel in De Panne was in the typical style.

On the cultural side there during a stay in a hôtel La Panne always something to experience, from rousing rock festivals and festive activities to the unique Paul Delvaux Museum or stroll around in picturesque historic towns and villages of the hinterland ... In short, in a hotel De Panne you will never be bored!

A holiday in a Hotel De Panne is equivalent to a holiday in an ever so cozy town with a great nightlife, but also beautiful dunes and nature reserve. Ideal for staggered holidays, especially since you in no time by car can go.Wide sandy beaches for sun worshipers and beautiful dunes for a robust nature ... Complete Sports for active.A stone's throw from your hotel De Panne provoked the French north coast with its vast beaches, rugged cliffs and ... The Channel Tunnel to surprising trips and fun trips.

In three quarters of De Panne hotels as you can by car train Approach, which is under the English Channel by within 35 minutes in England brings. .. and evening you are back home in your lovely apartment. ...In summary, stay in one of the hotels in De Panne, the same as staying in a charming seaside resort with a more animated, pedestrian boulevard hours walking and enjoying people watching. Terraces and children's attractions are a pefect together. Moreover, Plopsaland nearby, ideal for a family vacation then.
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11/3/2009 - Staying in a hotel in beautiful Brussels

You would really like to get away for a while and you want to do that particularly in a vibrant and sparkling city? Stop hesitating and come to Brussels, the enchanting Belgian and European capital city! As it is the second home for thousands of businessmen and politicians from all over the world, the reputation of hotels Brussels is very good. Moreover, Brussels is the upcoming hotspot for citytrippers. When is the good time to come to hotel Brussel? Anytime! All year long, Brussels is a city that never sleeps. So, book your hotel in Brussels and have a unique experience! Almost every Brussel hotel is ideally located. Every city neighbourhood has something different and unique to offer. If you fancy haute couture shopping, make sure that your Brussels hotel is only a stone's throw away from the famous Avenue Louise, where all the renownded designers have their shop. You should also go to the Arcade of Kings and Queens, where you find exclusive shops of all kinds. Belgian Lace, chocolate, books, clothes, design. Nearby, you find the inquestionable high point of Brussels: its magificent historical Grand Place, which is often proclaimed to be the most beautiful in the world. If you prefer more contemporate architecture, you will certainly like Brussels as well, for the city is the pre-eminent city of Art Nouveau architecture. In fact, your hotel in Brussel might very well be located in an Art Nouveau building itself. Make your choice out of the often excellent hotels Brussel, whether you prefer staying in on of the luxury hotels Brussels or in the budget hotels Brussels, you'll always enjoy your stay! Moreover, you will soon notice that your hotel Brussels will as good as always be located withing walking distance from the attractive sights or the most trendy neighbourhoods: near the historical centre, at the Dansaert District, or close to one of the many green zones... You will always find hotels in Brussel with interesting spots within a stone's throw. Your stay in Brussels will undoubtedly become a fascinating experience!>

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1/3/2009 - Cities nearby Brussels

Brussels might well be the biggest and most influential city in Belgium, the small country houses numerous other interesting cities where visitors can find many cultural, historical, architectural and gastronomical treasures. Cities like Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp each welcom millions of tourists each year and this obviously doesn't happen for no reason! Staying in a Antwerp hotel for example will bring you right in the heart of the city of Rubens, with lots of interesting things to see. A stay in a hotel in Antwerpen ensures you of a sparkling journey in a city full of un: city of fashion and diamonds, city of thousands of shops, of protected monuments and panoramic views, of movies, concerts and theatre, of hospitality and multiculturalism. A weekend away from home in a hotels Antwerpen is one of the best guarantees for a wonderful city trip! In a hotel Brugge you are also where you need to be if you like interesting and fascinating cities. Almost the entire historical city centre of Bruges has been put on the World Heritage List, so millions of people come each year to stay at least one night in a Bruges hotel. Many of these hotels Bruges are located along these age old cobbled streets and alleys, or along one of the many enchanting and world famous Bruges canals. The Hotel Walburg for example offers a very nice view over historical Bruges, truly one of the best  hotels Brugge I ever stayed at, although ofcourse the Hotel Azalea, in the heart of the city, is also an excellent hotel in Bruges. During my time in a hotel Gent, namely the Hotel Chamade I could here and there pick up some resemblances of Bruges, especially in the historical city centre (as beautiful as Bruges'). The quality of the Ghent hotels is also comparable to Bruges. The biggest difference of staying in a hotel Gent is perhaps that the city is a lot more modern and vibrant, mainly because of the presence of 30.000 students! Staying in that other famous student town, in a hotel Kortrijk is surprisingly fun as well. the best hotels Kortrijk are to be found in the city centre, or in the beautiful outskirts. Of all hotels Kortrijk I found the Hotel Broel especially good, it was a very luxurious hotel Kortrijk in the middle of the city so I would recommend it to anyone!

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13/2/2009 - Hotel Sabina

The small but very cosy Hotel Sabina offers modest elegance and top comfort, combined with an excellent location. From this Brussel hotel it's very easy to explore the many important tourist attractions, like Manneken Pis, the gothic Town Hall and the European Centre. The hotel Sabina Brussels lets you savour the incredible atmosphere of this grand city without having to spend a fortune. Simply one of the best hotels Brussel

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16/1/2009 - Cascade Hotel

The Cascade Hotel Brussels is located 250 meters far from the elegant avenue Louise, 1 km from the Brussels South Railway station (2 stops with the metro), 100 meters from the underground. The Cascade Hotel has been completely renovated in August 2005 and now offers 82 rooms. In this hotel in Brussel guests can  enjoy the comfort of a modern 4 star hotel in Brussel, making this one of the top hotels in Brussels!

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17/12/2008 - Beverly Hills Hotel

The 3 star hotel Brussels Beverly Hills Hotel is located close to the tree lined Avenue Louise and near the popular Louise Place and Stephanie Place, this welcoming 3-star hotel is perfectly situated for an enjoyable stay in Brussels. Stephanie Place and its boutique shops are just a short stroll away from this Brussel hotel, as is the Louise Place with Metro and tram links. The city centre is within walking distance of the hotel, giving you easy access to the most popular attractions of the Capital of Europe. Slightly further away, Brussels Midi train station (with Eurostar and Thalys connections), the offices of the EC and the European Parliament are just a 5-minute drive away. Brussels Airport is also a 20-minute drive away. This prestigious hotel Brussel features comfortable rooms as well as a fitness room and a bar, which combined with its excellent location, making the Beverly Hills Hotel one of the best hotels in Brussels to stay at when visiting Brussels!

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